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It is about Jorik Muradyan, who was convicted of drug trafficking, who appeared in the new government with the status of adviser to Tigran Avinyan as an adviser to Hovik Abrahamyan.

He was no more or less advisory in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the decision of the MFA Competitiveness Commission. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has serious dissatisfaction with the fact that Zorik was a Foreign Ministry system under the patronage of Hovik Abrahamyan and immediately appointed the Consul General in Odessa, after which he again resided with Hovik Abrahamyan as an advisor.

Not less famous about George Muradyan was Franklin Gonzalez — Narek Sargsyan wrote: «I know what you’ve gone through and finally it’s the first step.»

Taking into account the practice of electing ambassadors and consulates during Serzh Sargsyan’s rule, it can not be ruled out that the same Gonzalez-Sargsyan influenced his appointment with his two uncles. Georgi Muradyan’s fate seems to be far more predictable now. as a diplomat will be sent to Avinian’s office, and if God is to take a breath from there, he has a warm place in one of the most prosperous countries, at least in the position of an advisor and maybe already because he has an effective experience of the Consul General. «

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