hrashq lur

After the revolution, the banks, in essence, have provided as much mortgage loans as in the whole of 2017, and bank interest rates are continuously decreasing.

Moreover, the pace of growth of mortgage lending increases, especially under the influence of government decisions.

Within the framework of the «Apartment for Youth» program, in 2018, The growth was 41% in November compared to December last year, an increase of 85% in December compared to January 2019, an increase of 131%.

131 percent. This means that the free, legal, young citizen of the Republic of Armenia connects the future with their homeland, exclusively with their own publicity.

One of the most important processes taking place in Armenia in recent months is the evidence of the rebirth of vocational education.

With government intervention and encouragement, dozens of private companies sign contracts with state-run schools to prepare specialists for them.

Thus, the private sector gets a very specific interest in investing in the education system. provide logistical support to the vocational colleges to prepare the necessary personnel for these companies. This means that at least a majority of graduates will have a guaranteed job.

The most striking thing is that this process is also in the regions. Now about two dozen contracts have been signed in the fields of textile, tourism, food industry, design and so on. More than a dozen contracts will be signed soon.

I urge all private companies to work closely with the Ministry of Education and the Government to extend this very positive process.

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