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Картинки по запросу «Շատ երջանիկ եմ». Թամարա Պետրոսյանը՝ անձնական ու գործնական կյանքի, որպես երգչուհի ներկայանալու և նոր նախագծի մասին

Actress Tamara Petrosyan, many of whom have known and loved «Walk With Horse», «Instead of Others», «Family of Groom» and «Full House» segments, does not perform any television project at this stage but continues active theater activities.

The actress believes that doing profession today is a great success and achievement. «Let me bring a very simple example. See how many students are admitted to the Theater Institute, and how many are left in the field. It is not conditioned by the fact that it is good or bad; it also depends on how much work there is. If you do not pay, you can not eat bread, is not it? Many simply refuse from their profession because of lack of work. I appreciate the fact that I have been fortunate enough to remain in this area and work. I enjoy great pleasure from what I am doing now, and I am happy in my work. »

Besides theatrical activity, the actress has been for a long time in the «Vote of Artsakh» group, which has recently returned from the French tour. In the near future they are going to shoot new songs and videos. To the question whether he had no intention of leaving and singing a singer’s personal career, Tamara replied: «You know, it’s coming from being satisfied or unsatisfied. Today, the work that I take in the group really satisfies me, I do not feel needy. I’m sure if I had the desire to do it, I would have done parallel work as a singer separately, but now I like what we do with the group. «

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