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The Russian newspaper also writes that Armenia has agreed with Russia on the withdrawal of the fighter in 2012, but because of financial problems the deal, which Yerevan wanted to get 12 fighter, did not take place. Yerevan and Moscow have returned to the question of acquiring Russian fighter after the velvet revolution of 2018. The newspaper writes that this issue was discussed by the Armenian and Russian leaders during the September meeting, but the opposite side wanted to get 6 fighter, but agreed to four.

This is the first such agreement between Armenia and Russia after the April Revolution. «Kommersant» writes that this treaty is important for Russia, as Moscow thus strengthens its positions in relations with its CSTO ally.

A sample of a military aircraft, according to the Russian newspaper, was brought to Yerevan’s Erebuni airport in August to see Pashinyan see it. Let’s remind that at that time the Armenian prime minister was photographed with a fighter and left a note on Facebook or one of the best destructors in the world.

Thus, the deal can be regarded as a great achievement for Armenia as it tends to increase the potential of the Armenian army. At the same time, it can not be ruled out that in the near future the Azerbaijani side will get the experience of modern fighter jets, both from Russia and from other countries, which has done so far.

In this case, it will turn out that Russia, continuing to sell arms by acceptable terms, keeps the influence on the parties.

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