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Картинки по запросу «Շատ երջանիկ եմ». Թամարա Պետրոսյանը՝ անձնական ու գործնական կյանքի, որպես երգչուհի ներկայանալու և նոր նախագծի մասին

«Dear friends,

I have the honor to inform that my family has established an educational and cultural foundation in memory of my two grandfathers, renowned scientist and politician Michael Minasyan and architect, politician Grigor Hasratyan.

My grandfathers in the picture are people who have infinitely loved their country and profession, have a sense of mission and dedication to doing great things.

My grandfather, Mikael Minasyan has never left the science along with taking up various posts. Being an international historian, he combines scientific and political activities, has been the head of the chair and has been awarded the title of professor.

Professor Minasyan has also introduced his knowledge and experience to reveal the essence of a political leader and political elite. He was convinced that the most powerful force and defender against the political leader is a sense of responsibility before history. In his books, he pointed out that a politician can not succeed if he does not know or value the story. In his assessment, history is not a mere perception, but a real leader who is capable of perceiving and analyzing history and its role in the history.

He insisted that history is not only a knowledge of the country’s elite but also a huge burden of responsibility.

My grandparent, Grigor Hasratyan, too, was engaged in science along with his political activities. Whatever my grandfather was, he believed that a great outcome could be achieved only if there was a great dream that the path leading to it had to be settled through culture. By saying culture, he meant not «the Armenian culture for Armenians», but «Armenian culture for the world». He believed that it was necessary to be open to the world, to become part of the world community and to create purely Armenian, but understandable and competitive cultural values. She was convinced that along with preserving her culture, we should move forward.

Both my grandfathers have left a great cultural heritage that can only be seen walking in the streets of Yerevan.

Hence, for us and their family members, it is a great responsibility to continue with the work they have made. That’s why our two big families decided to create the Hasratyan-Minasyan Foundation.

The Foundation will have two main directions: The Minasian section will deal with the re-evaluation of history and alternative research of political thought. And the Hasratian section will create conditions for the realization of new and thematic works of art and culture and the realization of bold initiatives.

Our two families made this decision with a great sense of responsibility and faith in the future. «Hasratyan-Minasyan» Foundation starts its activities «.

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